Extreme Squamish in the Rain

Forget the drizzle dragging you down; here’s the deal – rain here equals adventure cranked up to eleven.

Fall Mountain Biking

Squamish offers heart-pounding bike trails like ‘Credit Line,’ ‘Leave of Absence,’ ‘Half Nelson,’ and ‘Full Nelson.’ Explore hidden gems like ‘Somewhere Over There’ and ‘Mamquam River.’ Join the Squamish Mountain Bike Festival, indulge in local cuisine, and respect the trails.

Do Go Chasing Waterfall

Hides awe-inspiring waterfalls: 335-metre Shannon Falls, Alexander Falls, Brandywine falls, and the secluded challenge of Crooked Falls. 

Where the Wild Takes Flight

Fall brings countless bald eagles to Brackendale, the ‘Eagle Capital of the World.’ Witness their sky-painting feast on the Squamish River’s salmon run. For the wild at heart, this is must-see.

Ground Up Climbing Centre

Conquer rugged heights, from novice to expert. Expert guidance amidst stunning landscapes. Ascend to new heights in Squamish.

Hiking in the Rain

Thrives in the rain. Lush forests, glistening trails come alive. Three rugged rain-friendly trails:

  1. Shannon Falls Loop: Rainforest sanctuary, towering trees, vibrant moss.
  2. Mamquam River Trail: Nature’s canopy in serene, rain-soaked woods.
  3. Four Lakes Trail: Raindrops as nature’s rhythm.


So, suit up and let the rain be your companion cause in Squamish, it’s just another thrilling layer of adventure waiting to be embraced!