Where Adventure Meets a Cozy Relaxation

Hey there, adrenaline junkies! If you’re all about heart-pounding thrills, gear up for an epic journey in Squamish. This place is all about adventure, rain or shine.

Rainy days are usually a bummer, but in Squamish, they’re a call to action. Come rain or shine because this is where adventure seamlessly blends with laid-back vibes. Recovering from intense mountain biking, rock climbing, and epic nights out doesn’t mean slowing down – it’s about embracing those laid-back vibes and enjoying a well-deserved lazy day.

After a day of rain-soaked action, what’s the perfect remedy? A cozy hideout, of course. Welcome to the Crash Hotel, where tradition takes a back seat. Squamish’s edgy and contemporary vibes create a snug and inviting space, a perfect escape from the rain. And here’s the scoop – you can book now.

Fuel up with coffee at Fox and Oak, brunch at Fergie’s or Crabapple Cafe, and explore The Salted Vine’s culinary delights. For local treasures, check out the Farmers Market – all part of your rugged Squamish adventure.

At night, Squamish ignites with vibrant nightlife. Begin at Cleveland Tavern for mountain-town vibes, head to Trickster Hideout for live music and inventive cocktails or try Peckinpah for BBQ and craft beers. Cap off the night at Cliffside Cidery, celebrating Pacific Northwest flavors.

Daring adventurers don’t miss Britannia Mine Museum. Explore tunnels, marvel at colossal machines, and join the Spooktacular Halloween event in October.

  • Britannia Mine Info
    • Location: 50 Copper Drive, Squamish, BC
    • Hours: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (Mon-Fri); 9:00 am – 5:30 pm (Sat-Sun)
    • Prices: $39.95 (Adult); $21.95 (Child)
      • Please click HERE for complete pricing list
    • Contact: Call 604.896.2233 to book your adventure.

So, fellow adventurers, a world of excitement is waiting for you. Rain or shine, this is where your epic stories begin. Squamish isn’t just a backdrop; it’s your sanctuary for adventure. Let’s seize the day and create memories to last a lifetime!