Digital Key Access With A Video Twisit

Mastering the Art of Unlocking in Style

Fall in-line, check-in, get your keys, and go to your room… these are the traditional ways we are used to do our check-in in a hotel. And sometimes, a hustle when we lost the key, or forgot it inside the room. Now, in Crash Hotel, we offer you the most convenient digital key access into your room. Everything will be on your phone, on your own. That’s why we were tagged as the best hotel in downtown Squamish. 


Your Digital Key Journey


    • Booking and Arrival:

      Once you’ve finalised your booking from your phone, get ready for a warm digital welcome. You’ll receive a message containing a link to your very own welcome booklet. In this digital booklet, you’ll be prompted to fill out your registration card and securely enter your credit card information via our user-friendly portal. Rest assured, we take your security seriously.

    • Ready for Your Room:

      As soon as your room is prepared and ready for you, you’ll receive another message. This time, the message will come with an exciting link that grants you access not only to the hotel building but also to your designated room.

    • Mastering the Buttons:

      On the web page that opens up on your device, you’ll find three distinct buttons, each corresponding to a specific door for access:

      • MAIN DOOR: This button works like magic as it unlocks the front door to the hotel, ensuring you a hassle-free entry.
      • ROOM DOOR: With this button, you can unlock the door to whichever room you are staying in, giving you immediate and convenient access.
      • STAIRWELL DOOR: This one is a bit of a hidden gem. It unlocks the door located at the top of the stairs, providing you with even more flexibility during your stay.


QUICK NOTE: For these buttons to work their wonders, you’ll need to be standing right in front of the respective door. When you see that satisfying green light, you’ll know the door is successfully unlocked, and you’re ready to dive into your Crash Hotel adventure.


So, say goodbye to traditional keys, long check-in lines, and the frustration of lost keys and get ready to unlock your vacation in style!